gloss Laminate flooring
12 mm High Gloss grey Laminate Flooring with chrome strip installed in Luxury 2 bed apartment in Redditch with white Beading fitted around the edge.
Light oak Laminate flooring
Wide plank 8mm Country oak laminate flooring fitted in a Lounge in Worcester with Oak beading
staircases Grey laminate flooring
This is a mid Grey oak Laminate flooring 12mm thick. It was installed throughout 2nd floor including 4 bedrooms and landing. Then was installed to staircase and grounfloor Hallway in Redditch.
Quickstep staircase
Grey laminate flooring
Quickstep master installers

Our Quickstep master installer is trained in:- 

  • Health and Safety
  • The flooring process and the manufacture of laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring
  • Wood structure and water and their relationship to drying, movement, moisture, saturation and humidity
  • Subfloor preparation, types, moisture meters, calculations smoothing compounds and contaminates
  • Adhesive types and application
  • Laminate flooring products, underlayments, layouts, installation, underfloor heating, stair cases and maintenance
  • Real Engineered wood, manufacturing, underlayments and acoustics, layouts, installation, underfloor heating, repairs and maintenance
  • Solid wood flooring, manufacturing process, products, layouts, installation, plank replacement and repairs, border work, re-squaring board bending, custom made profiling, installation of stairs and winders.... and much, much more
  • Highly skilled floor fitters


The majority of Laminate Flooring is installed with an underlay and floated on top of the sub floor as apposed to securing it to the floor.

Their are a number of underlays available depending on the type of floor being laid onto and the noise reduction requirements.

Our fitter is trained by "QUICKSTEP" and is a qualified MASTER INSTALLER. This ensures the fitting and instigates the product and fitting warranty offered on quickstep products.

Individual floor fitting offer the following services:- 

  • Removal of existing flooring

  • Ensure sound and dry sub floor 

  • Smooth and level concrete floors

  • Repair and secure wooden floorboards

  • Floor sealing and damp proofing

  • Skirting board removal and replacement

  • Fitting though doorways without a threshold break.

  • Toilets and bathrooms

  • Kitchen fitting (Cupboard plinth removal, adjustment and refitting.)

  • Interior door height adjustment when required.

  • Stair fitting.

  • Laminate repair and board replacement.

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